I’m a forty something female who is dedicated to learning and growing both professionally and personally. I am a college student at the University of La Verne, a preschool teacher, a radio DJ, and an auntie to a four-year-old monster. As crazy as it is, my accomplishments as an auntie are what make me most proud. It is through her eyes that I have seen the world in a whole new light and found a whole level of love within myself that I didn’t know existed. I am passionate about hiking, going to the movies, listening to music, and meditating. I love many different kinds of music like Alternative, Hard Rock, Electronic, and now Country. I practice a form of meditation known as Zazen that is taught in Zen Buddhism. I have spent the last year meditating twice a day, and it has changed the way I deal with everything in my life. I highly recommend meditation to everyone because I know how important it is to enter the quiet part of our minds and be still. I am extremely straightforward and will always be 100% real. As an eternal optimist, it is my goal to spread positivity and the tiny bits of wisdom I’ve collected over the years.